Learn about Google Shopping for Woocommerce

Do you use Google Shopping for your E-commerce products?

If not, why not?


One of the most common issues we see is the setup configuration and the headaches this causes if done incorrectly.

There are so many pieces in the puzzle to be connected to ensure your products are visible.


Use our four step easy strategy:

Step 1: Setup your categories for shopping and setup a feed to send products to Google

Step 2: Make sure your Google merchant account is setup and connected

Step 3: Make sure your Google Merchant account is connected to your Google Ads account

Step 4: Ensure your product titles, tags and descriptions are optimised for your keywords (you can not bid on keywords for Shopping).


This is a complex initial setup, one we see a lot of people make mistakes doing!


We’re here for you – If you need a hand to get it setup, yell out, we find it takes about 50% of the time for setup if it is done properly from the start than if we have to troubleshoot and fix existing accounts.